About Us

The Superhero Center for Autism is a non-profit organization offering support, education, and resources for individuals with autism and other special needs and their families.  We are opening a building in the Rockford, Illinois area where kiddos with special needs can just be: be safe, be empowered, be supported, and be themselves.  This will be a judgment free place, open to all kiddos with special needs and their families.  Superheroes will be welcome to participate in various groups, classes, and outings, or simply come to the center to enjoy our sensory gym during free time. 


To support our superheroes and their families, we will offer support groups for superheroes, parents, and superhero siblings to build relationships, share ideas, and discuss how special needs play such a big role in their lives.  In addition to our support groups, we will offer parents resources to help navigate through the special needs world including IEPs, therapy options, and daily life challenges.  Superhero siblings will have a room just for them to take a break and be themselves, as well as a special siblings only night of fun filled activities geared towards celebrating who they are as superhero siblings and how much we appreciate them. 

Want to help?

You can make donations by clicking the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page or by mailing a check to:


The Superhero Center for Autism

PO Box 513 

Poplar Grove, IL 61065


Also check out the Support section of our website to view items that we have for sale!

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